googleFONT_NOTOSANS Technical Specification - ZORALab's Hestia

The technical specifications to refer when using the package. Easy-going, offline supported (via web PWA installation), and detailed oriented. Courtesy from ZORALab's Hestia.

Objectives and Purposes

Main Purpose

This package's primary purpose is to provide user interface (UI) styling specifically for facilitating Google's Noto Sans font.

Hugo User - Action Required

When using this font, you need to add its actual font files into your staticDir directory list in your config/_default/config.toml file. Here is an example:

archetypeDir = "archetypes"
contentDir = "content"
assetDir = "assets"
dataDir = "data"

staticDir = [
        "themes/hestiaHUGO/fonts/googleFONT_NOTOSANS",   # ⇚ ADD THIS

layoutDir = "layouts"
themesDir = "themes"
publishDir = "public"
i18nDir = "i18n"

Legacy Recording

This package was known as font-notosans_hestiaUI before ZORALab's Hestia v1.2.0. The transformation was due to someone attempting to steal the copyrights and makes way for programming package's documentation restructuring.

Product Designs


This component was designed by the following creators:

(Holloway) Chew, Kean Ho


This component has the following dependencies (arranged in the order from left-top to right-bottom):



Fortunately, this component does have any HTML code. Relax.


Fortunately, this component does have any CSS customization. Relax.


Fortunately, this component does not use any JavaScript. Relax.


This package does not offer any constant value.


This package does not offer any variable.

Offered Functions


Render the CSS output for this UI component.


Usage example:

{{- $ret := partial "hestiaGUI/googleFONT_NOTOSANS/ToCSS" . -}}
<pre>{{- printf "%#v\n" $ret -}}</pre>

Data Types

This package does not offer any data type.


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