ZORALab's Hestia v1.2.1 Release Note

The release note about ZORALab's Hestia technical specification. Readily available for download securely.

All Available Downloads

All available downloads for using ZORALab's Hestia with this version:

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Notable Highlights

Some notable changes you should know before deploying into your project. They are organized based on technological grouping in a non-chornological manner.


  1. Fixed zoralabTABLE's header when it is using code and pre.

    [GitHub Issue#385]
  2. Fixed zoralabDEBUGGER UI component's close button animation bug.

    [GitHub Issue#386]
  3. Adjusted font color to avoid grey color.

    [GitHub Issue#387]
  4. Fixed hestiaMEDIA.ToHTML to render inline style= value bug.

    [GitHub Issue#388]
  5. Fixed zoralabFORM's toggle checkbox animation and design bug.

    [GitHub Issue#389]
  6. Fixed LD+JSON breadcrumb data rendering bug for WebPage data structure.

    [GitHub Issue#391]
  7. Fixed zoralabBUTTON and zoralabANCHOR content overflow behavior.

    [GitHub Issue#398]


  1. No change.


  1. No change.


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