ZORALab's Hestia v1.2.0 Release Note

The release note about ZORALab's Hestia technical specification. Readily available for download securely.

This release contains non-backward compatible implementations. Use with extreme care.

This release is retired and will no longer be supported. Please use the latest.

All Available Downloads

All available downloads for using ZORALab's Hestia with this version:

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Notable Highlights

Some notable changes you should know before deploying into your project. They are organized based on technological grouping in a non-chornological manner.


  1. (NON-BACKWARD COMPATIBLE) Fixed hestiaHUGO sluggish performance when the repository is over 60 pages.

    [GitHub Issue#59]
  2. Added zoralabDEBUGGER UI component.

    [GitHub Issue#77]
  3. Changed all __content filenames to __content.hestia[FORMAT] naming convention.

    [GitHub Issue#80][GitHub Issue#86]
  4. Fixed hestiaLIST.Sanitize fatal improper key sanitization for slice data type.

    [GitHub Issue#82]
  5. Fixed zoralabDRAWER's UI animation and trigger bug.

    [GitHub Issue#83][GitHub Issue#84]
  6. Added zoralabDRAWER_TOP's UI component.

  7. Added zoralabDRAWER_LEFT's UI component.

  8. Added zoralabDRAWER_RIGHT's UI component.

  9. Fixed zoralabPICTURE's UI unresponsive resizing bug.

    [GitHub Issue#85]
  10. Added LD+JSON foundation data generator feature.

    [GitHub Issue#88]
  11. Set PWA.Categories to automatically source from .Site.Metadata.Categories.

    [GitHub Issue#90]
  12. Fixed PWA Worker attempting to cache browser's extension bug.

    [GitHub Issue#96]
  13. Fixed PWA invalid Protocol bug.

    [GitHub Issue#97]
  14. (NON-BACKWARD COMPATIBLE) Renamed all hestiaUI to zoralab prefix due to someone attempting to steal design copyright.

    [GitHub Issue#99]
  15. Added zoralabARROW UI component.

    [GitHub Issue #98]
  16. Added zoralabTILE UI component.

    [GitHub Issue #103]
  17. Added zoralabSPLIT_SKEW UI component.

    [GitHub Issue #102]
  18. (NON-BACKWARD COMPATIBLE) Use RFC-Email Timestamp over existing one.

    [GitHub Issue#351]


  1. Added planned API mapping from hestiaHUGO's implementations.

    [GitHub Issue#79]


  1. Accepted and considered as 4th language.


  1. (NON-BACKWARD COMPATIBLE) Removed from being supported - added to archive.

    [GitHub Issue#104]


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