ZORALab's Hestia v1.0.0 Release Note

The release note about ZORALab's Hestia technical specification. Readily available for download securely.

This release is retired and will no longer be supported. Please use the latest.

All Available Downloads

All available downloads for using ZORALab's Hestia with this version:

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Notable Highlights

Some notable changes you should know before deploying into your project. They are organized based on technological grouping in a non-chornological manner.


  1. Shipped core_hestiaUI UI component.

  2. Shipped font-notosans_hestiaUI UI component.

  3. Shipped anchor_hestiaUI UI component.

  4. Shipped code_hestiaUI UI component.

  5. Shipped pre_hestiaUI UI component.

  6. Shipped catalog_hestiaUI UI component.

  7. Shipped drawer_hestiaUI UI component.

  8. Shipped toc_hestiaUI UI component.

  9. Shipped note_hestiaUI UI component.

  10. Shipped note-error_hestiaUI UI component.

  11. Shipped note-warning_hestiaUI UI component.

  12. Shipped note-success_hestiaUI UI component.

  13. Shipped deflist_hestiaUI UI component.

  14. Shipped olist_hestiaUI UI component.

  15. Shipped ulist_hestiaUI UI component.

  16. Shipped divider_hestiaUI UI component.

  17. Shipped divider-cut_hestiaUI UI component.

  18. Shipped divider-dashed_hestiaUI UI component.

  19. Shipped badge-shields_hestiaUI UI component.

  20. Shipped button_hestiaUI UI component.

  21. Shipped card_hestiaUI UI component.

  22. Shipped blockquote_hestiaUI UI component.

  23. Shipped dialog_hestiaUI UI component.

  24. Shipped picture_hestiaUI UI component.

  25. Shipped table_hestiaUI UI component.

  26. Shipped form_hestiaUI UI component.

  27. Shipped iframe_hestiaUI UI component.

  28. Shipped carousel_hestiaUI UI component.

  29. Supported Progressive Web Application (PWA) feature.

  30. Supported seamless PWA Offline feature.

  31. Natively supported PWA icons and favicons file generations feature.

  32. Supported GitHub Pages, and Cloudflare Pages feature.

  33. Supported i18n redirection feature.

  34. Supported i18n redirection for 404.html file generation.


  1. Established standard library foundation via ZORALab's Cerigo Project assimilation.


  1. Established standard library foundation via ZORALab's Cerigo Project assimilation.


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