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Release Executions

Our ZORALab's Hestia's development cycles and schedules.


We're commited to:

  1. Release at least 1 package/year.

  2. Preferbly December, before Chirstmas and New Year festive seasons.

  3. May perform ad-hoc emergency (usually minor) releases for security related patches.


Our packages and development strategies relies heavily on:

  1. Forward moving timeline similar to how Debian OS manages their releases. Currently, we maintain experimental, testing, and stable branches and commit version tagging.

  2. At the moment, long-term support is unavailable due to resources constraints. We encourage our customers to update towards the latest from time to time.

  3. Backward compatible modularization. We modularlize all components down the base module so that we can deprecate things without being constraint by namespace conflicts.

  4. Use of X_ or x_ prefix for experimentals. We do ship experimentals products alongside main products for external end-user testing and gathering feedbacks.

  5. Extremely in love with small and single purpose (but a lot of) patches for easier reviewability and communications.

Still Stuck?

Feel free to contact us at our GitHub Issues Portal.