ZORALab's Hestia

One Peaceful Frontend+Backend Software Library Suite.

Deploy Everywhere

Simple to Integrate

Mitigate Supply Chain Threats

Why ZORALab's Hestia

Deploy Everywhere

MAXIMIZES REUSABILITY — same tested libraries; works everywhere.

READILY FOR WEB — embraces interconnect data processor and network interface.

INTO EMBEDDED — aspire for working in microcontroller and control units.

Simple to Integrate

SIMPLE .zip PACKAGE — easily deployable on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

GPG CRYPTOGRAPHICALLY SIGNED — securing the package's originality and genuity with mathematics.

LOCALIZED REDISTRIBUTABLE — securing and stabilizing downstream distributions with greatest freedom.

Mitigate Supply Chain Threats

ENOUGH WITH GEO-POLITICAL NUISANCES — focus on delivery the values to your customers instead.

ENOUGH WITH DIRTY AFTER-THE-FACT SHENANIGANS — take full control over your critical software libraries' ecosystem.

ENOUGH WITH CUT-THROAT CHARGES — focus on building valuable products instead of messing with suppliers' dramas.

Use Cases

All tested, current under field testing, and aspiring use cases benefited from using ZORALab's Hestia.

Data Portal (Open Data)

Deploy an interactable open data sharing portal.

E-Store (1-Way Comm.)

Deploy a 1-way communication e-Store.

E-Store (2-Way Comm.)

Deploy a 2-way communications e-Store.

Engineering Documents

Deploy a device independent, offline capable engineering specs web app.

Portfolio/Product Website

Deploy a GUI maintainable, sellable product website.

Supported Technologies

All our currently supported technologies for deploying ZORALab's Hestia.


Easy to use and deploy.


A simple frontend content compiler.


Optimized for the best of best.


Taking Go beyond computer processing.

All Features

All deployed, under development, and planned features for using ZORALab's Hestia.

Componentized GUI

Readily capable for coping GUI fashions.


Mobile First GUI

Focus on end-user usability first.


Into Embedded System

From microprocessor into microcontroller and embedded chipsets.


I18N Supported

Ensuring everyone is included regardless any languages.


Single Source Library

One library, expands deeply.


Algorithmic Favicon Renderer for Web

Focus on content development; not debugging technicality.



Easier web discovery and web SEO compatibility.


OpenGraph Ready

Share your platform confidently across social networks.


PWA Ready

Offline capable web UI interface.


Compatible Web Publishers

GitHub, GitLab, Cloudflare — works seamlessly.



Build and Serve WASM application seamlessly.


Apache-2.0 Open-Source Licensed

Plain old APACHE 2.0 License for code products

Free as in both monetary and expression

No strings attached

Friendly for commerical and personal use

It's that simple

Our Contributors

Financial Sponsorship

Thanks to the funding from our sponsors to keep the project going:

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Technical Development

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